my name is maria

a spanish woman born in mallorca

My name is Maria, a Spanish woman born in Mallorca and I have lived most of my life in Spain. For the last 15 years I have been commuting between Spain and Switzerland. I have two wonderful daughters and three grandchildren who all live near me and in summer sometimes come to visit and enjoy the pool. 

Having worked all my life in hotels it's my great pleasure to understand foreign cultures. I speak English and French fluently and also a little bit of Italian and German and can therefore understand the challenges of speaking a foreign language.


Although I am not a Spanish/English teacher, I am confident I will be able to help you practice your Spanish/English in the context of our daily activities and tours, in a relaxed, natural way.


Of course, to best take advantage of this immersion program, it is better if you are already conversant in Spanish/English (level B1 or higher). I will not provide formal Spanish/English lessons but I will however adapt my speaking to your Spanish/English level: using simpler or more challenging constructions, tenses and expressions depending on what works for you.


I can be more or less present, spend a lot of time with you chatting away in Spanish/English, or give you more personal space.

Before your arrival, we will discuss how you imagine your immersion stay and I will give you plenty of additional information on what is available around here. I will happily adapt to special requests. Just let me know.


I love food and I love cooking. I can cook Spanish traditional dishes such as Paella, Fideua,Tortilla de patatas, crema catalana and much more. I must  confess that I am not a specialist in diet cuisine and do not know how to cook vegan nor dairy free, but I can learn if you teach me.